Community – GIS

The GIS User Group became a formalized group of the active, campus GIS community in 2013. Users come together from various academic backgrounds and skill levels to learn, share and network around topics in GIS. The group meets monthly during the school year and is involved in the planning of our annual of GIS Day. The GIS User Group is convened by a chair who's active in the user group. You are invited to join our GIS community! Email the chair at, or connect with us at our next meeting:

Example Topics

remote sensing
model builder
data management
ArcGIS software
agent based modeling
crime analysis
site analysis

Current Chair

Current chair: Kelly Ervin, graduate student in the Department of Anthropologyervin

A Message From The Chair:

Everything in the world around us has a spatial component. GIS is an essential element to helping us become more efficient, make better and smarter choices, and communicate more effectively. As a geospatial platform, GIS is at the forefront of integrating and solving political, economic, social and environmental issues at every scale—from the neighborhood to the city to the planet. As chair of the GIS Users Group, I'm committed to enhancing spatial awareness on campus and the larger St. Louis community. Major goals for upcoming events and meetings include showcasing the power of GIS, collaborating with local grade schools in community-wide activities, and recruiting a diversity of spatial thinkers and speakers to engage with the WUSTL GIS Users Group.

Past Chairs

2016-17, Haley Becker PhD Candidate in Social Work
2015-16, Alex Rivas PhD Candidate in Anthropology
2014-15, Edward Henry PhD Candidate in Anthropology
2013-14, Ambar Plasencia, MA Social Work

2015 Lighting Talks

Guillermo Martín-Sáiz - Anthropology at WUSTL

Ben Cooper - Institute of Public Health at WUSTL

Francis Baum - Boeing

Sarah Stout - Neurology at WUSTL

Andrew Flachs - Anthropology at WUSTL

Christine Marx - Spatial Energetics at WUSTL

2014 Lightning Talks

Luis O. Rivera Gonzalez - Engineering at WUSTL

Tabea Linhard - Romance Languages & Lit at WUSTL

John Kelly - Anthropology at WUSTL

Karen DeMatteo - Environmental Science at WUSTL

Julian Sefco - Internal Medicine at WUSTL

Mark Hogrebe - Education at WUSTL

Edward Henry - Anthropology at WUSTL

2014 Lightning Talks

Alex Rivas - Anthropology at WUSTL

Bob Osburn - Earth and Planetary Sciences at WUSTL

Anupam Baus - IPH at WUSTL

Dale Kretz & Ethan Bennett - History at WUSTL

Derek Hoeferlin - Architecture at WUSTL

Michael Frachetti - Anthropology at WUSTL

Tim Walter - Social Work at WUSTL