What is the CS3DP

The Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation (CS3DP) project will bring community stakeholders together to begin the process of developing standards for preservation of digital 3D data. The effort includes practitioners, librarians and curators.

Two forums will convene leading experts and key stakeholders from the U.S. and abroad, in consultation with leading organizations. The project team will assemble multiple working groups at the first forum to meet regularly and develop reports on key issues for presentation and discussion at the second forum. The national forums will lay the foundation for an organized community of practice (CoP) to move forward on shared standards for 3D data preservation.

When & Where

CS3DP-Forum 1 took place at Washington University in St. Louis on February 5th, 6th and 7th (see Agenda)

CS3DP-Forum 2 took place at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, August 13, 14, 15, 2018 (see Agenda)

Project team

Jennifer Moore, Washington University in St. Louis
Adam Rountrey, University of Michigan
Hannah Scates Kettler, University of Iowa

 Funded by

The CS3DP is funded via a national leadership grant from the Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS).

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