Mapping LGBTQ STL (ongoing)

This project was funded in 2016 by a grant awarded to Dr. Andrea Friedman and Librarian Makiba Foster by the Divided City Initiative. The project aims to map LGBTQ life in STL from 1945 to 1992. This ambitious project worked with community partners to invoke collective memories and conduct robust research, lead by Dr. Friedman and Curator Miranda Rectenwald, through a team of fabulous student workers. DGS project manager, Jennifer Moore, guided the GIS implementation of the project with WUSTL graduate, Kate Strube, who visualized the research using ArcMap, AGOL and StoryMaps. The grand unveiling will be in the fall of 2017, but more information on the project is available through the Mapping LGBTQ STL blog.

Project Organizers include:

From Washington University:  Andrea Friedman, Associate Professor of History and WGSS; Makiba Foster, research consultant (former Curator of Oral History and WGSS Librarian); Aaron Addison, Director of Scholarly Services WU Libraries; Jennifer Moore, GIS & Data Projects Manager and Anthropology Librarian; Bob Hansman, Associate Professor School of Architecture; Miranda Rectenwald, Curator of Local History.

From Community Partner organizations:  Sharon Smith, Curator of Civic and Personal Identity, Missouri History Museum; Chris Gordon, Director of Library & Collections, Missouri History Museum; Steven Brawley, St. Louis LGBT History Project; Ian Darnell, Ph.D candidate University of IL, Chicago