The Libraries offer other general purpose printing options.


Poster and map printing services are available by appointment only in the GIS Research Studio (Olin Library, Room A07). To schedule an appointment, please visit the poster printing scheduling website .

File Formats
Adobe PDF (preferred),

For best results
Set one page dimension to 36" or 42"
Allow 0.5" of white space surrounding content for margin

Width will be either 36 or 42 inches; Length can be up to 100 feet.
Price based on length; minimum charge $25/poster.
36" output is billed at $6 per linear foot
42" posters are billed at $8 per linear foot
No cutting services are available to trim output width

Charges can be made to a WU Department (4-digit department code) or paid using Bear Bucks.

Please contact Bill Winston (Rudolph Hall) for more information or to arrange for bulk printing jobs.