Data Services

Research data can be broadly defined as the recorded, observed, factual material commonly accepted in the scholarly community as necessary to validate research findings.  In support of faculty research data, the DGS team provides services throughout the research lifecycle.

We serve the entire University community in supporting research data initiatives across campus, including successful projects in STEM fields, architecture, medicine, humanities, social sciences, law, social work, business and engineering.

Data Services staff provide services throughout the research lifecycle:

Finding Data

Datasets - This is a listing of many of the datasets available to the WU Community. Contact information or links to the datasets are listed. If you don't see something you need, please contact Cynthia Hudson Vitale.

Faculty datasets are available through the Digital Research Materials Repository (DRMR)

Not finding what you need? Contact us!

Data Management Planning (DMP)

Schedule a DMP consult

Get boilerplate language for archiving data with the DRMR

Manage active research data

Data Analysis

Analyze data using a variety of methods and tools (such as R, Python, Matlab, Mathematica and more)

Learn more about our analysis services by contacting Cindy Traub, Ph.D., Data Specialist.

Data Storage

There are a variety of research data storage options available for WU faculty, students and staff. Learn more.