The DGS ethos of data stewardship is built on the partnerships we have developed within our campus community and beyond. In response to our community, the DGS team at WUSTL has long since maintained a server for heavily used data. Currently a process to select and well document that data is underway so that it is more easily discoverable for our users, while also preserved and secure behind the scenes.

Additionally we offer the service of curating our faculty partners’ geospatial research data. Curation at all stages of the life cycle may be curated, but the earlier the team can work with researchers, the better. Curation may involve DGS assisting you to:

create an inventory
clean data
develop a data dictionary
create or enhance metadata
create multiple, distributed copies
ensure file fidelity and security
share data with others

If you are interested in curating your data with us, please contact Jennifer Moore.