Workshops & Talks
Various training options are offered by our group to help you master the skills necessary to conduct successful GIS-based projects or to include spatial analysis in a broader project. Our team has developed and delivered training in a range of settings including one-on-one consultations, focused talks as part of a formal class or gathering and small scale directed workshops.

Workshops are focused, short term training sessions with very specific goals. Our group offers such sessions throughout the year and current offerings will be announced here (link to Events list). DGS organizes annual activities in November to celebrate Geography Awareness Week and GIS Day. Contact us if you would like to request a workshop for your group or want to suggest a workshop topic.

Some past workshops:
Map Your Data Now!
GIS 101 Accessing GIS Data
Python and GIS
Accessing Census Data and Demographic Mapping
Starting from Scratch – Spatial data creation and editing
Finding Geospatial Data
Introduction to QGIS
Introduction to CartoDB