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GIS: Geographic Information Systems

ArcGIS Desktop Network Installation Guide

We can supply current Washington University or University College faculty and staff with a copy of the ArcGIS Desktop suite that includes ArcMap and all of the most commonly used extensions such as 3D and Spatial Analyst.

See the ArcGIS Resources page for application details...

This software is available for installation on a networked WU computer running Windows and will authorize via our networked license server. You must have Admin privileges on the host computer to execute the installation. ArcGIS can be run on Mac but requires that you set up BootCamp or a Virtual Machine environment and you must provide your own copy of Windows.

Please follow the instructions below to download and install the software. Please contact Bill Winston with questions or if you need help with the installation.

Download and Installation instructions...

1) Before you install ArcGIS for Desktop

Check the system requirements to make sure your computer has the required hardware and software configuration. If necessary, install the Microsoft .NET Framework (version 3.5 Service Pack 1 or higher).

The software can be installed on a computer that has been running ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 or later. Uninstall older versions of ArcGIS Desktop or Server prior to adding ArcGIS 10.x. It's OK if the computer has ArcGIS Explorer installed.

2) Download the ArcGIS installation folder

Create a connection (if necessary) to the gispublic share on the WU network.

Map a drive to \\maps.wustl.edu\gispublic.

  • Using your file manager, click on the Tools menu and select "Map Network Drive". If "Tools" is not visible, click the ALT key.
  • Select a Drive letter then type "\\maps.wustl.edu\gispublic" into the Folder text box (without quotes).
  • Click Finish. The new drive should show up in your "Computer" list.

Access gispublic\Software and copy the ArcGIS_Desktop folder to your desktop.

3) Install and authorize the ArcGIS for Desktop software

Run ArcGIS_Desktop_...exe to install ArcGIS for Desktop; the numbers in the filename refer to the version and can be ignored. A warning will indicate if previous versions of ArcGIS must be removed.

ArcGIS Desktop 10.x Setup Window Opens...

Make sure no other programs are running - click Next

Accept license agreement - Next

Install Type should be "Complete" - Next

Accept default (or change) destination folder location for ArcGIS - Next

Accept default (or change) destination folder location for Python - Next

Choose to participate (or not) in the ESRI User Experience Program.

Click Install to begin installation (process should take 15-45 minutes)

When complete, click "Finish" to exit.

Lab systems should also have a connection to our shared data folder "gispublic" set up. See this page for step by step instructions.

4) If your system was previously running ArcGIS then the licensing should be set. If not, the ArcGIS Administrator Wizard opens...

Select Product = Advanced (ArcInfo) Concurrent Use

The License Manager should be set to: gisdata2.wustl.edu

Click OK to apply and exit.

5) We are required to track our installed user base, send an email message to Bill Winston with the following information for each system installed:

Your Name
Email Address
Install Date
Operating System
Status (faculty, staff or student)