St. Louis EF4 Tornado (Event Date: April 22, 2011) - Damage Assessment Tool

How to use this site

This service is designed to be a simple way to view before and after photos of the April 22, 2011 EF4 tornado that hit St. Louis County. The only functionality supported at this time is to "swipe" between the before and after photos.

  • 1. Zoom to your area of interest using navigation tools above the map or mouse scroll wheel.
  • 2. Click "Start Swipe" to active white swipe bar.
  • 3. Click and drag swipe bar to reveal before/after photos of affected area.
  • Select layer from drop down list, default is graphics layer. Click the "Start Swipe" button to get a swipe slider on the map. Move the slider to the left or right to swipe the layer. Click "Stop Swipe" to hide the swipe tool or change the layer to swipe.

    Choose Layer to Swipe:    

    These image services can also be used in ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Explorer. The endpoints are:

    This site was made possible through the cooperation of several agencies, local governments, and Washington University in St. Louis.